Hell Broke Luce Video~ Full Decode

In my Anthropology class our professor had the students  watch a video called Hell Broke Luce. The moment the video began to play, I knew right away that I needed to decode this little gem. This video is about a man named Jeff Lucey (you will see variations of this name throughout the presentation) who was in the Marines and sent to the Iraqi war and suffered severe trauma while over there. Not able to deal with the flashbacks and the trauma, he committed suicide by hanging himself. He received no support from his commanders in the Marines who used these men for their Agenda of war. 

Encoded in the video are events taking place against our Veterans who are very important and are an amazing part of our American culture. My presentation will demonstrate the ongoing abuses to our Veterans by United Nations and our government. Time is running out.


Hell Broke Luce~means that the Iraq War literally broke Luce.

Hell Broke Luce: JG 428; EG 774; SG 129

Iraqi dog tags: JG 428

Jeff Luce’s home represents the USA where it is located.

Jeff Lucey: SG: 93;

Home: JG: 93

USA: SG 93

The overturned piano represents the people Lucey had slain in Iraq and the Klonopin he took for the nightmares.

Piano– JG 160/16 EG: 330/33 SG: 55

Slain– JG: 160/16 EG: 330/33 SG: 55

Iraq–JG 160/16

Klonopin– SG 106/16


The vulture in this frame represents an “emergency” and also “Support our Troops.”

Vulture– SG: 119

119 is the mirror for 911.

One Vulture–JG 1400/14

Support our troops–JG 1400/14


The fire represents the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the death of Luce.

Luce– JG 228

Fire– EG 228

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder– EG 2208/228

Death–EG 228


This time the floating house represents the governments or the powers-that-be who have risen themselves above everything and everyone else. Their goal is to destroy America.

Floating house–EG 912; SG 152

Governments– EG 912; SG 152

Powers That Be–EG 912; SG 152

Destruction of America (mirrored)–SG 219


Pulling the house refers to Jeffery Michael Lucey and his eventual death. The Agenda is to strip our Veterans of their peace of mind, their health, and their benefits that they earned.

Pulling the House–JG 822; EG 1152; SG 192

Jeffery Michael Lucey–JG 1806/186; EG 1152; SG 192

Agenda–EG 192




Here we see a flaming pyramid exploding on the skeleton. The explosions represent the powers-that-be destroying our freedom, which our loss of it is represented by the skeleton.

Flaming pyramid–EG 888; SG 148

Explosions–EG 888; SG 148

Skeleton–EG 606/66

Freedom–SG 66



The firecrackers in the background represent the American General.

Firecrackers– JG 372

General–EG 372

The eagle represents the United States who participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom along with NATO.

United States–JG 744; EG 942; SG 157

Scud Missile–EG 744

Operation Iraqi Freedom–JG 744

Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out of Chaos)–JG 249 is the mirror of United States–EG 942

Thirteen Stars and Stripes refers to Jeffrey Michael Lucey.

Thirteen Stars and Stripes–EG 1086/186

Jeffrey Michael Lucey–JG 1806/186

Thirteen stripes refers to One Fallen Angel. Destruction of American Culture is the mirror of Thirteen Stripes.

Thirteen Stripes–EG 1230/123; SG 205/25

One Fallen Angel– SG 123

Destruction of American Culture– SG 321


Three Vultures refers to Revelation Chapter Eighteen, Novus Ordo Seclorum,  and Knights of Templar. The Knights of Templar medal is worn by the General. More on this later.

Three Vultures– JG 1742;  EG 1164; SG 194

Revelation Chapter Eighteen–EG 1164; SG 194

Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages)–JG 1742

Knights of Templar– EG 1164; SG 194


The house on water represents American Culture, meaning our culture is under attack.

House on Water–EG 984; SG 164

American Culture–EG 984; SG 164


Three sharks refer to Hell Broke Luce and the Suicide of Luce.

Three Sharks–JG 477; EG 792; SG 132

Hell Broke Luce–EG 477

Suicide of Luce– EG 792; SG 132


Corrupt General refers to Lack of Support. Decorated General is the mirror for Corrupt General. Note that this General is wearing the Knights Templar medal pinned to his left chest. He is a 33rd degree Freemason. 

Corrupt General– JG 731; EG 1038; SG 173

Lack of Support– EG 1038; SG 173

Decorated General–EG 822; SG 137  is the mirror for death– EG 228


The numbers and letters found on these body bags are coded. Let’s start on your left and work our way to the right and find out what they mean.

The number 609/69 means dead soldiers and operation in progress. The mirror for 609/69 is 906/96. 

Dead Soldiers– EG 690/69

Targeting America–EG 906/96

Operation in Progress– JG 906/96

The letters GDY is the mirror for Nightmares

GDY–EG 411

Nightmares–SG 114

The central figure’s numbers and letters are not only unique and need to be handled differently, this on is loaded with code. We have to think like the elite when handling these symbols. 377 is actually three 7’s or 777.

777 represents Order Out of Chaos and  American Culture.

Order Out of Chaos–JG 777

American Culture–JG 777

The letter H is the 8th letter in the alphabet. 8 is the number of completion and also means time/space. This would mean that Luce’s life has been completed.  Eight spelled out means America.

Eight–JG 129

America–JG 129

The last two numbers are 78 and they mean Hell on Earth, Nine-Five-One, Patriots, No Room for the soldier, and Thirteen Stars. 

Hell on Earth–EG 708/78

Nine Five One– EG 708/78

Patriots– EG 708/78

No Room for the Soldier–JG 807/87 (mirrored to Hell on Earth 78)

Thirteen Stars–JG 708/78

Now, since we know that H is represented by the number eight, I am going to write out the complete number after the dash–eight-seven-eight. This means to OPEN YOUR EYES and order out of chaos.

Eight-seven-eight–JG 1098/198

OPEN YOUR EYES–EG 1098/198;  SG 183

Order out of chaos–EG 1098/198;  SG 183

The numbers 951 on the third figure needs to be written out. Nine-five-one refers to NWO, United Nations, and Pale Horse. The pale horse is referenced in Revelation 6:8. Notice that the chapter and verse 6:8/ 68 references Luce’s house–(SG 68) which is located in the U.S. The Pyramid (86 mirrored to Revelation 6:8) is contrary to the US. More about the Pyramid later in the presentation.

Nine Five One– JG 909/99

NWO– JG 990/99

United Nations– EG 990/99 The United Nations and the NWO  are CONTRARY to our possession of FREEDOM–SG 66 as noted by the inversion of the numbers.

Pale Horse– SG 99 This is our demise. 


Also, on the third figure the letter after the numbers is a K. So we have a nine-five-one-k, which means Hell Broke Luce.

Nine-Five-One-K–JG 919; EG 774; SG 129

Hell Broke Luce–EG 774; SG 129



In this scene, the taps are played off key. Taps off key means scud missile, Operation Iraqi Freedom, United States.

Taps off Key–JG 728, EG 744, SG 124

Scud missile–EG 744, SG 124

Operation Iraqi Freedom–JG 744

United States–JG 744


House on the Jetty Edge and Glass Bottle are mirrors of each other and represent the Suicide of Luce.

House on the Jetty Edge– SG 231

Glass bottle– EG 792; SG 132

Suicide of Luce–EG 792; SG 132


This scene depicts multiple houses parachuted in. Multiple houses parachuted in means war (mirrored), A New Order of the Ages, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Multiple houses parachuted in–JG 1398; EG 1890/189; SG 315

War–JG 981

A New Order of the Ages–SG 189

Operation Iraqi Freedom–JG 1398


Skeletons mean Decorated General, Luce, Home, and the USA. We have THREE skeletons. Three means Order out of chaos, and Knights Templar. 

Skeletons–JG 410/41; EG 720; SG 120

Decorated General–JG 410/41

Luce–SG 41

Home–SG 41


Three–JG 198, SG 56

Order out of Chaos–EG 1098/198

Knights Templar–JG 560/56


We see an “Eye in the black sun in the sky” which means Marine Reserves and “Eye in the black sun”  means to Kill All American Soldiers. No doubt the powers that be are still working on this operation still in progress. 

Eye in the black sun in the sky–JG 1600/16; EG 1710/171; SG 285

Marine Reserves–SG 171

Eye in the black sun–EG 1044/144

Kill all American Soldiers–EG 144


In the beginning of my presentation, I established that the home represents the USA or America. So the black sun over America means Lance Corporal, which was probably Luce’s rank in the military. Black sun over USA also means Nightmares. Our Veterans suffer nightmares from what they did at war. 

Black Sun Over America–JG 1330/133

Lance Corporal–SG 133

Black Sun Over USA– EG 1104/114

Nightmares–SG 114


You will notice that in the video the vultures are “targeting” man. “Vultures targeting man” is mirrored and means “No room for the patriot”  and “Operation in Progress.” We know that this is true because of the treatment given to the Patriot when he comes home from active duty. And this is an operation currently in progress against our Vets.

Vultures targeting man–JG 1815; EG 1602/162

Operation in Progress–EG 1518

No Room for the Patriot–SG 261


Here we see a Vulture on the rope. “Vulture on the rope” means Lack of support, Corrupt General, Burdened by the USA. You’re wondering who is burdened by the USA? The answer will come just a little later.

Vulture on the rope–JG 1703/173; EG 1410/141

Lack of support–SG 141

Corrupt General–JG 731; SG 173

Burdened by the USA–SG 141


In this screen shot we see the graves next to the house. Graves next to the house means Destruction of American Culture, No Room for the Soldier, and Novus Ordo Seclorum. This is where Gematria becomes more complicated because the numbers are reversed and inverted. Because the themes have already been introduced into my presentation, I made the decision to add these in. You’ll also notice that 1944 is a year represented when the seeds for the creation of the United Nations are planted in Washington DC.

Graves next to the house–JG 1944; EG 1626

Destruction of American Culture–JG 1494 (simply reverse the order of the first 4 and the 9 and then you get 1944); EG 1926 (invert the first 9 to a 6 /1626)

Novus Ordo Seclorum–EG 1494 (same as above)

No Room for the Soldier– 1464 (simply invert the 6 to a 9 and move it after the 1, 1944)


What you are looking at here is the top view of a four sided pyramid. You only have to pull a dollar bill out and look to see who is behind the “agenda.” Pyramid means house, United Nations, Scottish Rite, Thirteen stars, and The Eye. This is a clear indication as to who is responsible for the war and destruction of our soldiers.

Pyramid– JG 584; EG 516; SG 86

Scottish Rite–SG 165 (simply place the 5 in front of the 16=516)

The Eye–SG 68 (mirrored)

United Nations–SG 165 (simply place the 5 in front of the 16=516)

Thirteen stars EG 1056/156 (simply reverse the order of the 1 and the 5= 516)

luce21 In this screen shot we see a blown off arm which blatantly tells us that the “United Nations are responsible for destruction.” The flowers tie this theme together. Red flowers mean, Taps off key, shark, floating home, scud missile, and body bags, items that you have seen in this video. If you need to, go back and see what they represent. 

Red Flowers– JG 1240/124; EG 750/75; SG 125

Taps off key–SG 124

Shark–SG 57 (mirrored)

Floating Home–EG 750/75; SG 125

Scud Missile–SG 124

Body bags–EG 750/75

“United Nations are responsible for destruction” means Destruction of American Culture, Dragging Home (seen throughout the video) Burdened by the USA, and Generals. You are probably wondering why the United Nations would be burdened by the USA. The answer is simple. We are the only nation left with the right to bear arms. Once that right has been fully eliminated, the government will gain full control of our country and we will lose our freedoms. Now you can imagine why disarming Americans have been an immediate priority through many “incidences” involving firearms and pushing laws to further degrade legal ownership. I digress. 1956 was a major year when the first incident of UN action occurred involving the Suez canal in Israel. Google it to find out.

United Nations are responsible for destruction–JG 1956; EG 2916; SG: 486

Destruction of American Culture– EG 1926 (Reverse the 9 and the 1 to make 91 and then place the 2 in front of the 9 which = 2916)

Dragging Home–EG 648 (simply move the 6 to the back 648/486)

Burdened by the USA– EG 846 (reverse the order of the 4 and the 8)

Generals–EG 486


In this final scene we see the houses squished together when the soldier arrives from his tour of duty. This is depicting NO ROOM FOR THE SOLDIER in the United States!

NO ROOM FOR THE SOLDIER is the mandate of Novus Ordo Seclorum (New order of the Ages) which results in the Destruction of American Culture and its Veterans. Without our Veterans, we cannot possibly fight against the government who is working with the United Nations to disarm America. This video is telling us what’s happening. 

Keep on the Armor of God, Yeshua is coming soon. Please share.

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Frasier Sings all about Pizzagate

As often as I’d heard the Frasier lyrics after the end of each show, I knew that there was a sexual innuendo by the choice of words used in the song. After studying the Frasier tune, every line in song is all about Pizzagate and pedophilia. Links are added in the article for more information regarding the discovery.

The Threshing Floor

Many of us have watched the Frasier sitcom and enjoyed the bouncy tune about tossed salads and scrambled eggs at the end of each show. Whatever the false interpretation they would have us believe, it got me thinking very hard about the Frasier lyrics especially after Pizzagate broke over the internet. But what spurred me into an investigation into this sitcom was the Season 7 Episode 5  calledThe Dog That Rocks the Cradle that aired October 21, 1999. By the time I got done finding all of the gematria words associated with the Frasier Lyrics and sitcom, I was emotionally spent. 

For those of you new to Gematria, it is a number/letter system that the elites use to communicate with each other. They train their children, acolytes, specific MK Ultra slaves, and others to use it, yet this information is never taught to people such as you…

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Frasier Sings all about Pizzagate

Many of us have watched the Frasier sitcom and enjoyed the bouncy tune about tossed salads and scrambled eggs at the end of each show. Whatever the false interpretation they would have us believe, it got me thinking very hard about the Frasier lyrics especially after Pizzagate broke over the internet. But what spurred me into an investigation into this sitcom was the Season 7 Episode 5  called The Dog That Rocks the Cradle that aired October 21, 1999. By the time I got done finding all of the gematria words associated with the Frasier Lyrics and sitcom, I was emotionally spent. 

For those of you new to Gematria, it is a number/letter system that the elites use to communicate with each other. They train their children, acolytes, specific MK Ultra slaves, and others to use it, yet this information is never taught to people such as you and me. We have to find out about it through others who have knowledge about the system and are willingly share how it works. I will give you the meanings of the words and phrases in the lyrics and pair them with words and phrases found in Gematria. You’ll notice that some of the numbers will be mirrored. This means that the numbers were found in reverse order in certain words that match. As with anything else, by mirroring, they are turning everything backwards and upside down. They hide their activities, no matter how heinous, in plain sight. It is up to us to be curious as to what these symbols, numbers, and letters mean. You’ll also note that I eliminated the zeros as they have no value in Gematria, for instance if the number was 102, I simply dropped the 0 and made the number 12. 

This particular episode is about a character named “Bulldog” who lost his job at Frasier’s studio and was forced to take a job at a pizza joint. “Roz” needs a “babysitter” for her daughter “Alice” and asks Bulldog to babysit. Below is a comprehensive gematrial study of Frasier and its lyrics.


The Dog that Rocks the Cradle –The Dog that Rocks the Cradle: JG 842; EG 1500/15, 250; Killroom: EG 105/15, Little Red Fox: SG 150. Killroom has appeared several times in the lyrics from the Frasier Tune and I put more information down below in my article. Little Red Fox is a business located near Besta Pizza, Big Bucks Fishing Company, and Comet Ping Pong. 

Bulldog babysits AliceBulldog Babysits Alice:1035/135; James Alefantes: SG 135

Baby Dressed in Purple – Baby Dressed in Purple: JG 1157; EG 1290; SG 215, Alice dressed in purple: JG 790; EG 1290; SG 215, Behind the Purple Door: JG 790; EG 1290; SG 215. I was shocked by the last entry. Truthiracy3 had made a video called ChuckYCheese’s Behind the Purple Door of Pizzagate Pedophiles which explains the “purple door.” You need to see this video. 

I had also taken the liberty to gematria a few of the cast’s lines from this specific episode.

Roz: Never had to worry about Alice-  Never had to worry about Alice: EG 1800/18, SG 300/3, Child predators call: 1080/18; 180/18, Alice: EG 180/18; mapEG 180/18; babyEG 180/18

Bulldog: We fed the ducks: We fed the Ducks: JG: 1340; EG 804; SG 134, Comet PizzaEG 804; SG 134, child traffickingEG 804; SG 134, strange fleshEG 804; SG 134

Roz: How did you get her to eat those? – How did you get her to eat those: EG 189, Child pornography; SG 189

In the ending of this specific show, notice that there are three different colored balloons floating up from behind the buildings. Frasier is colored in yellow.


Red, yellow, and blue helium balloonsred, yellow, and blue helium balloons: EG 2016; SG 336,  Molech: EG 336, April: EG 336, Semen: EG 336, Code Black: EG 336, Planned: EG 336, Cannibal: EG 336This particular phrase was shocking for me. First EG 2016 gives the year 2016 which is exactly when Pizzagate hit the headlines. They sacrifice to Molech each time they abuse and murder a child. In the month of April around the 25th, a holiday called Alice Day  is celebrated by pedophiles every year. They wear pink so be mindful about who is wearing that color that day and don’t call attention to your child by having her wear that color. Semen, self explanatory. Code Black is for the handkerchief color map which means S&M.  

Three balloonsThree balloons: JG 471; EG 876; SG 146, Pizza Planet: EG 876; SG 146 Pizza Planet is a pizza shop found in Disney Movies.

Yellow Frasier- Yellow Frasier: EG 1008/18, SG 168,  Alice: EG 180/18, MapEG 180/18, BabyEG 180/18, child predators call: EG 1080/18; SG 180/18, 

As I was navigating through the cryptic passages of phrases containing dubious meaning, I found myself shocked and disgusted by the truth. The theme tune unveiled what I was shown above–Frasier is all about Comet Pizza. So as we are humming to a tune with some catchy lyrics, those in control are laughing while holding their own perverted conversations right before us in plain sight. 

Frasier Theme:

Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’,
Tossed salads and scrambled eggs
Oh My
Mercy (alt: Quite stylish.)
And maybe I seem a bit confused,
Yeah maybe, but I got you pegged!
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!
But I don’t know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.
They’re callin’ again.
(The following are alternate endings)
They’re callin’ again.
Good night, Seattle, we love you.
What is a boy to do. Good night.
Frasier has left the building.
Thank You!
Scrambled eggs all over my face. What is a boy to do. Goodnight, everybody.
See you next year, we love ya.

 Hey –Hey: (SG) 38 = Alice: (JG) 38,  Alice Liddel: JG 100/1; = Girl love: SG 100/1. is a mirror of “Alice” in the next  below.  Alice is in reference to the character in Alice in Wonderland and also MK Ultra programming.  Alice Liddel is the name of the little girl with whom the author Lewis Carrol became enamored, and so,  he wrote her as his main character into his story. Pedophilia is associated to Carrol who had a thing for 4 year old Alice Liddel. “Girl love” is a code word to describe the preference for little girls. 

Baby-Baby: EG 180/18; SG:30 = Alice: EG 180/18; SG 30 = Map: EG 180/18; SG 30 = Pie: EG 180/18; SG 30, Lewis Carrol English Gematria (EG)810/81 is mirrored to all of these words in this list. These pedophilia code words “map and pie” were found in the Gematria. At first I thought that it was a coincidence but my feelings began to change as I continued the analysis. The word “map” refers to the handkerchief of certain colors that pertain to the type of sexual torture done to the child. Map also means semen in pedo code. Pie (as in pizza pie) reminds us of Pizza which means  “girl” in pedo speak. The number 18 is prolific here. Further study reveals this next phrase within the Gematria database. Child predators call: EG 1080/18; SG 180/18.

Hey Baby- Hey baby: EG 408/48,  (SG) 68 = Gay: JG 408/48;   Planet EG 408/48;  SG 68, Sex: SG 48,  Bondage: SG 48. Comet Pizza 804/84 is the mirror of Hey baby EG 408/48. The word gay is the synonym for homosexual. What do you think of when you now see the word planet? Pizza Planet or Comet Pizza, both which are found in many Disney movies. In the pedophile handkerchief code, the color grey stands for bondage. 


I hear- I hear: JG 103/13EG 246, SG: 41; Oz: EG 246, SG: 41, Carisoprodol: SG 130/13, Hustler SG 103/13. I was not surprised to see Oz show up since handlers use The Wizard of Oz as part of their MK Ultra Programming. Children, especially young ones, are usually under control using this and the Alice in Wonderland theme. Using drugs on their victims is probably to control their victim. A video by Martin Leeds gave me the answer I needed about the hashtag Carisjames. It turns out that a researcher discovered that the alias was not a who but a what, namely the drug Carisoprodol, which is considered to be a rape drug. I can only imagine how many children they’ve used it on. Children and young teens are “hustled” or prostituted to clients coming into Comet Ping Pong. Ping Pong, I soon discovered, stands for girl and boy. . . Ping/girl and Pong/boy. 

 I hear the blues a-callin’- I hear the blues a-callin’:= EG 1110/111, Mentally disturbed: JG 1110/111. Drag Queens: EG 666, SG 111; Sick people: EG 666, SG 111, ejaculation: EG 666, SG 111, Demon Inside: EG 666; SG 111, Pizza Gate: EG 666; SG 111. Mentally disturbed is hardly what I call what these people do to the children. It is psychopathic and I definitely agree with the “demonic” and “sick people” references the gematria had picked up. As part of the programming, it is known that “spirits” or demons are placed within the the host during the torture. When continuing your own analysis of Pizzagate, you’ll discover that drag queens, trannys, and homosexuals make up some of the clientèle and adult entertainment at Comet Ping Pong.   

Tossed SaladsTossed SaladsEG 828; SG 138,  David Hyde Pierce: EG 828; SG 138, Homo: JG 138. I found it particularly interesting that David Hyde Pierce would show up in the gematria. He is an actor who plays Frasier’s brother on the show, and came “out of the closet” so to speak. 

AndAnd JG 45; EG 114;  SG 19; Teddy Bear: 504/54 is the mirror to “and” JG 45, child sacrifice: SG 109/19, cheese: SG 45, underage: EG 450/45. I was genuinely surprised to see so many words associated to child abuse with this little word. Teddy bears are associated with the pedo bear seen with Miley Cyrus. “Child sacrifice” is no surprise since many 


children are sacrificed to Molech by their own parents. The children traumatized and/or murdered at Comet Ping Pong are no doubt underage, as seen by the photos in this twitter account. The word cheese means a very young girl while pasta means a young boy. 

Scrambled eggs- Scrambled eggs: EG 690/69; SG 115, Child murder: EG 690/69; SG 115 Hotdog: SG 69. Scrambled eggs is generally known as semen. Child murder, no need to go further. Hotdog is referenced to boys.  

Tossed salads and scrambled eggs-Tossed salads and scrambled eggs: EG 1632; SG 272, feed humans leftover children: EG1632; SG 272. According to the urban dictionary, Tossed salads and scrambled eggs are in reference to sexual acts rather than troubled people sitting down to speak to a psychiatrist. 

Oh my- Oh my: JG 488; EG 366; SG 61, the mirror of “Oh my” is the word Prostitutes: JG 884. Snuff film: SG 106/16 is also the mirror for “oh my”  SG 61. According to reports that I had read on Pizzagate, children are habitually prostituted to the clientèle. Having seen images of the killroom, “snuff film” showing up in the code was no stretch to my imagination. This still plainly shows an excellent camera view of satanic activities quite possibly occurring. No way to escape the lens.


(or) Quite StylishQuite Stylish; JG 1101/111; Pizzagate: SG 111. The second time Pizzagate shows up in the numbers. 

Mercy-Mercy Nothing here simply because there is no mercy.

And maybe-And maybe JG 483; EG 390/39; SG 65, orgy: EG 390/39; SG 65, Traffickers: JG 390/39. They have to get their children from somewhere. Every year, over 800,000 children disappear. What do you want to bet many children are trafficked to Comet Pizza? And orgies? Well.

I seem a bit confusedI seem a bit confused: EG 1020/12; SG 170/17, Disneyland: SG 107/17, Child erotica: SG 107/17, child sex predators: EG 1200/12, Human flesh: SG 107/17, Semen: JG 170/17, Planned; JG 170/17, Child snuff: SG 102/12, Pizza: JG 1070/17. Disneyland is known for entertaining children, but it is also known by researchers and victims for its underground tunnels and MK Ultra programming. There are reasons why the clocks are never on time and why the rides are inappropriate for some children’s ages. According to Cathy O’Brien, she was taken to Disneyland for programming and torture. It is quite interesting that the word Planned showed up in the Gematria. Why? Because Comet Ping Pong did not officially open its doors until 2006. I and other researchers know that there are always groups of entities “planning” the future. Why wouldn’t this be a part of it, too? Gradually decreasing our right to free speech has been part of the agenda all along with gun control. We are, after all, the last country able to defend ourselves with firearms against the creeps who wish to destroy what freedoms we possess. 

Yeah maybe-Yeah maybe: JG: 852; EG 510/51; SG: 85, Homo: JG 51, Innocent blood: EG 852, Pedo bears: EG 510/51; SG 85, Father daughter incest: JG 852Violence EG 510/51; SG 85, Suffering: SG 105/15 is the mirror for “yeah maybe.” Little Red Fox: SG 150/15, Yeah maybe, but I got you pegged: JG 2058/258 is the mirror for “Yeah maybe” JG 852. The Little Red Fox is another business that is next door to Comet Pizza. Speculations have arisen about tunnels running underneath these stores to accommodate the flow of child trafficking from one place to another. 

but I got you pegged! But I got you peggedEG 1194; SG 199, Luciferians are calling EG 1194; SG 199. It is abundantly clear that something evil has the run of the world’s governments and those who go along with it, much to the detriment to their souls. It has taken over the worlds governments and has raped and pillaged the children.  Pedophilia and child sacrifice is so widespread that it boggles my mind that few notice or want acknowledge this truth. 

Pegged-PeggedJG 88; EG 264; SG 44, Two faced EG 462 is the mirror for “Pegged” EG 264, Purple: SG 88,  child pornography: JG 880/88, Kill: EG 264SG 44, An Orgasm: SG 88. The color purple has several meanings of which I will only name a few: A) Royalty, B) to be homosexual, and C) it is a pedophile code for piercing. I hate to speculate what type of piercing they are alluding to, which I’m sure is quite painful.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha-Ha, Ha, Ha, HaJG 36; EG 216; SG 36, Bleed; JG 36, Child; SG 36, Alice Day; EG 360/36, Queer: JG 360/36, killroomSG 63 is the mirror of “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha” JG 36; SG 36. The idea that I’m dealing with laughter in this decode is unnerving, especially when I see the words the Gematria has produced. Bleed, child, and queer are self explanatory but Alice Day needs highlighting. In the month of April, usually around the 25th, a pedophile holiday, Alice Day, is celebrated. Although most people are naive to think that Alice Day is just a festive time to celebrate Alice in Wonderland, it is actually a time when the pedos are out scoping children. Pink is usually worn by the perpetrator. 

But – But: JG: 302/32; EG 258; SG 43Yeah maybe but I got you pegged: JG 2058/258, Shadow Government: SG 203/23 is the mirror of the word “but” JG: 302/32, MoanSG 43, Scat: EG 258; SG 43, S&M: SG 32, Pig: SG 32. You may be wondering why Pig showed up within this list. Human Bodies can be successfully fed to pigs which can digest every part of a human’s body. Although the article in the link says that this is a “truth in television” idea, someone has actually done it and I’m sure it is an underground practice still ongoing. This has put me off pork forever. I added shadow government since it is my of my opinion 


that these powers-who-think-they-be practice pedophilia as well as satanic rituals. Moan is self explanatory, whether from pain or pleasure. The color brown on the “handkerchief” is code for scat, or feces that is. 

I don’t know what to do – I don’t know what to do JG 2416; EG 1386; SG 231, Fluffer nutter:  EG 1032/132 is the mirror for “I don’t know what to do” SG 231. In this case, a fluffer nutter is not that sandwich you might be thinking about. Instead, according to the urban dictionary, a fluffer nutter is a person designated to keep the porn star erect but has prematurely initiated an ejaculation.   

With those –With those: EG 762, Another one bites the dust: SG 267 is a mirror of  “with those” EG 762I found a connection to another sitcom Everybody loves Raymond, which I am currently in the middle of decoding. 

tossed salads and scrambled eggs – Tossed salads and scrambled eggs: EG 1632; SG 272, feed humans leftover children: EG 1632; SG 272, Alefantis: JG 272. This made me sick only because of the reports regarding human tissue found in our food and the likelihood that pigs are actually being fed people if these psychopathic nuts can’t get rid of the bodies fast enough. Pizza ovens have been known to get hot enough to burn bone but there is nothing stopping them from serving us human meat.  

They’re – They’re JG 598; EG 486; SG 81, James Alefantis: EG 810/81, Playing Dominos: JG 810/81. James Alefantis is the owner of Comet Pizza. Playing dominos was an immense surprise. I remembered an e-mail I had read pertaining to pizza and I put into the calculator. Sure enough, not only did it match Alefantis’s name, it solidified the true intent of the sitcom’s lyrics.Click the dominos link and it will take you directly to the Podesta e-mail regarding playing dominos.

Callin’ again. Callin’ again JG 151, I pet goat two: SG 151. In this scene of the Heliophant


video called “I Pet Goat Two,” we see this character with a pedophile heart on his chest. Not only that, the shapes under the heart resemble buttocks. I had not expected I Pet Goat Two to appear in Gematria. 

By the time I got this far, I started asking myself, why so many different endings?  Were they transmitting to each other what they (the powers-who-think-they-be) were going to do on a specific date and place?

The following are alternate endings; the result just go on and on and on:

Good night, Seattle – Goodnight Seattle: JG 596;  EG 1086/186; SG 181, Killroom is ready SG 186, Sex with children: EG 1086/186, SG 181, Ping Pong in Berlin: EG 1086/186, SG 181 Ping Pong in Berlin actually does exist, as it does in London. 

We love you – we love you: JG 2330, EG 858; SG 143,  Infant MurderEG 858; SG 143Killroom is readyJG 858, 

What is a boy to do –  What is a boy to doJG 1765, EG 1062/162; SG 177Deadly Abuse Of Children Before God: EG 1620/162, children disappear: SG 162, Pizzagate planned,  EG 1062/162, SG 177.

Good night – Good night: SG 99, Child sex predators: JG 909/99

Frasier – Frasier: JG271, EG 456; SG 76, Child rapeEG 456; SG 76, Anal sex: EG 456; SG 76, DisneyEG 456; SG 76, VictimEG 456; SG 76, Alice LiddelEG 456; SG 76

Has Left The Building – Has Left The Building: JG 634; EG 1092/192; SG 182,  ProstitutesEG 1092/192; SG 182,

Thank You – Thank you: EG 690; SG 115, Child murderEG 690; SG 115,

Scrambled eggs-Scrambled eggs- Scrambled eggs: EG 690/69; SG 115, Child murder: EG 690/69; SG 115 Hotdog: SG 69 Hotdog is little boy in pedo code.

All Over My Face – all over my face: EG 828; SG 138, Ping Pong Table: EG 828; SG 138. The ping pong table is a tool used in MK Ultra programming.

What is a boy to do. Goodnight (these two have already been done)

Everybody – Everybody: EG 726; SG 121Blood SacrificeEG 726; SG 121

See You – See You: JG 750/75; EG 540; SG 90, Rape drugEG 540; SG 90, Underage: SG 75, slave trader: EG 750/75, Chicken lover: EG 750/75

Next Year – Next Year: JG 931; EG 672; SG 112, WickedJG 931, Wickedness: EG 672; SG 112

We love ya – We love yaSG 108/18,  Alice: EG 180/18, MapEG 180/18, BabyEG 180/18, child predators call: EG 1080/18; SG 180/18


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Transgender Samaire Armstrong in It’s a Boy Girl Thing

A few days ago after finishing a grueling day, I decided to watch a mindless movie called It’s a Boy Girl Thing. Though I had already picked up on the connotation from the title, I tried to let it go and not be so critical. However, by the time the movie was winding down, I realized that there was no way I couldn’t NOT see what the movie industry is feeding our children. What is terribly upsetting to me is that the movie industry is purposely destroying the feminine egos of young girls and older teens by portraying transgendered “females” with bodies that simply do not exist on real women. Real females have hips for child bearing, real females are not heavily muscled, real girls and women have smaller and softer facial attributes than males who often have more angular and heavier features.

Let’s begin with the title,  It’s a Boy Girl Thing.  While this is a just another movie about switching roles, gender-bending is the main theme this time.  It is doubtful that the young audience has a clue or enough experience to realize that they are actually being indoctrinated into accepting this perverse trend that is unfortunately taking hold.

What really caught my attention was when the actress Samaire Armstrong showed up toward the end of the movie wearing a dress that immediately told me that this was obviously a transgendered person. The dress was ill-fitting; the actress did not fill out the hip portion of the dress, which made it look strange on the actor. Not only that, her unusually heavily muscled arms are uncharacteristic for a young woman, unless she’s a body builder.


I discovered through research that she is not a body builder at all but is a model/actress. We all know that the professional photographers prefer their models to be underweight waifs. These muscles are quite telling to me as to what gender Samaire truly is. The following photo shows the back of the actress, whose profile is completely unfeminine in the dress. Her back is uncharacteristically wide for a woman and the arm muscles are incredibly large. There are no feminine curves that I can see in the bottom shot. 


I took a screen shot of this actress showing heavily muscled legs not seen on women. I have only see this type of musculature on men only. 


I found photos of Samaire modeling that are quite telling, indeed. In the next photos below, we see that she is sporting a six pack, is virtually breastless, and lacks any feminine curves. The male indent just below the hipbone is visible in both photos.

Actress Samaire Armstrongtranny1

I did find photos of her pregnant but I highly doubt that this tranny was ever pregnant at all. People with money can easily find maternity prosthetics found at places like moonbump who specially design these fake bellies for movie sets and professional photography. I want to point out that she looks especially thick under the breasts, quite possibly where the prosthetic begins. When women gain pregnancy weight, they gain it everywhere; it is not localized to just one spot.  I also find it ironic that she is standing in front of a wall that says “The Men.”


 This movie was quite disturbing as there are many other strange details present not related to gender bending. It is quite maddening to think that our children are being subjected to this deception and have little guidance in how to recognize it for what it is. In my opinion, I would say that most of the actors and actresses in the movie are all transgendered.  I hope that many parents will see this, research it, and educate their children on the agenda to meld humanity into androgynous beings. 




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Job and the Flat Earth


I know the earth is a plane and not a sphere although we have all been indoctrinated to believe in the globe at school and by parents who were misled by the system. I have read many verses in the scriptures pertaining to flat earth but I had not found the verse that clinched it forever for me until now. The verse is found in Job 38:14. It is turned to clay to the seal; and they stand as a garment. I began to research the etymology and definitions of the words found within Job 38:14 and discovered the truth I had been seeking. 

The Strong’s concordance gives the word seal (H2368) in Hebrew (chôthâm,
kho-thawm’) which means a signature ring; a signet; or a seal.


The word seal according to the Oxford English Dictionary (will be OED from now on), comes from the Old French word seeler, which means to fasten with melted wax or clay and also means “of the signet itself.”

The term “signet” or “seal”, from the Latin “sigillum” (“seal”), diminutive of signum (“sign”) dates back at least to the second half of the thirteenth century, when the signet ring was yet a “small seal used for formal or official purposes,” i.e. a substitute for a signature on official documents in a time when few people could write. 

When the signet is pushed down onto the clay, the design (or the land, if you will) is pressed into the clay and  the pressure from the ring creates a tall border as shown below. This is what God is telling Job; the earth resembles a plane earth with a tall boundary. 


The word Garment, according to the OED comes from the Old French word garnement which means to fit out or equip with an outer vestement. 

Interestingly, the Interlinear Bible gives us the Hebrew word girdle: אַבְנֵט
‘abnêṭ,  ab-nate’ of uncertain derivation; a belt: – girdle; for the word “turned” (H73). The word girdle in a 1981 Webster Dictionary means something that girds; encircles; confines; or restrains. The synonym for the word girdle is surround.

 Psalms 104:9 says: Thou hast set up bounds that they may not pass over; that they turn not again to cover the earth. The synonym for bound is rim. This passage is also in reference to when Noah’s flood had taken place. This verse backs up Job 38:14 by expressly saying that the rim has been set up to keep the waters from passing over and covering the earth. These bounds are the enormous mountain ranges found in Antarctica.

Proverbs 8:27 When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass (circle) upon the face of the depth.


Job 38:11: And said Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed? Not only was this barrier of enormous mountains and glaciers placed at the edges to confine the waters, this verse tells us that no man can go farther than the bound that God has set, although man has already tried and failed

Job 38:18: Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? The word breadth means the distance from side to side. So the measurement to which God is referring is the distance between two edges. A globe does not have borders or edges!


Job 26:7 He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth on nothing. The phrase stretcheth out (5186: נָטָה: nâṭâh, naw-taw’) in Hebrew means laid or spread out.

North (H6828 צָפֹן צָפוֹן tsâphôn tsâphôn tsaw-fone’, tsaw-fone’ from H6845; properly hidden, that is, dark; used only of the north as a quarter (gloomy and unknown): – north (-ern, side, -ward, wind).

Hangeth (H8518: תָּלָה tâlâh, taw-law’) means to suspend.

Nothing (H1099 בְּלִימָה belı̂ymâh bel-ee-mah’ from H1097 and H4100; (as indefinite) nothing whatever: – nothing.

So God spreads the northern side over the hidden and unknown empty place and suspends the earth on nothing. Nothing in the Webster Dictionary means nonexistence. 

According to an article that I found, NASA had taken photos of the the hole found at the North Pole in the late 1960’s which were quickly removed from their site. Here are the photos.

Again he states in Job 26:10 that He compassed (circled) the waters with bounds (boundary), until the day and night come to an end. Proverbs 8:29 When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment:when he appointed the foundations of the earth. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the Bible is giving me the full truth about the shape of the earth along with research on my part. There are many more scriptures throughout that tell us about the plane that we live on. We only need to shove the roadblocks aside and open our minds to the truth. 

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Benjamin Franklin: The Missing Virtue of Honesty


Franklin’s associations with secret fraternities is often overlooked in history books for the general population, but is well known by the elite society who are often deeply involved in these secret “cults.” Julius Sachse states in his forward, “Strange as it may appear, not a single one of the great orators who spoke during the late celebration made, the least mention of Benjamin Franklin as a Freemason, yet during almost sixty years of his eventful life and career. Franklin was an active Freemason (vii).” It makes one wonder why this is not common knowledge for “We the People” yet groups from within these fraternities know about them and what it is that they do inside their “windowless lodges.” It’s no surprise that Franklin was so inspired by his initiation and steps toward the highest degree that he created his own secret club, which he named “Junto.”

Benjamin Franklin first became a Freemason at the St. Johns Lodge in Philadelphia between 1730 and 1731 (Sachse, 2). Interestingly, in Franklin’s autobiography, he speaks of a “great” and “extensive” project that he had “conceived” in the year of 1731 but does not tell the reader what that venture is. Franklin’s observations in the beginning of Part III of his autobiography concerns information, which he never discloses from which book he receives this intelligence from, about the political parties that attend to the affairs of the world; how each of these parties have special interests within political categories; how they “thwart” others, “break parties into divisions,” and “occasion more confusion;” these agendas are used to push his particular interests to the forefront (Franklin 73). Interestingly, this is reminiscent to the phrase “Order out of Chaos” (ordo ab chao) which, to anyone with eyes wide open, would recognize the same tactics employed to today’s model of government. Going back to Sachse, it turns out that this great and extensive project is Franklin writing codes and laws for his Masonic Lodge in Philadelphia in 1732 (Sachse, 2). He reaches the 33rd degree as Grand Master in 1734, which is the highest degree of the Scottish Rite and renders him able to receive additional memberships in the knighthood orders. As it turns out, Franklin was a member of multiple orders in Europe, which include France and Great Britain.

Benjamin Franklin’s statement, “So convenient to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make reason for everything one has a mind to do (27)” smacks of Aleister Crowley’s motto, “Do what thou wilt,” a Thelema motto that was adopted by the Rosicrucians in the early 1900’s. No doubt this freed Franklin of any emotional responsibility or guilt regarding to what he said or did within the secrecy of his groups or in public.

Interestingly enough, according to Frater Graves, “Franklin did establish a secret group of Rosicrucians that met as a separate body in Philadelphia.” Franklin stated in his autobiography that he had mused over a “bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.” After much deliberation of what this list should contain, thirteen character assets: temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, and humility made the contents.

Of the thirteen virtues he listed, the word “truth and honesty” were missing, which was an utter surprise. Truth  and honesty are a couple virtues that is commonly striven for by people looking to better themselves, so for Franklin to omit those particular merits says a lot about his character and what he thinks about lying and dishonesty. Instead, number seven’s “sincerity” is put into truth and honesty’s place with the first part of Franklin’s definition saying, “Use no hurtful deceit.” Franklin supplies a broad term with no clear meaning for sincerity and so I was forced to draw my own conclusions about what this meant. The definition of deceit means to defraud, to trick, or to act with craftiness in order to mislead someone. So, for Franklin, it was perfectly permissible to lie to someone as long as he doesn’t believe that his trickery didn’t hurt them or their beliefs. And of course, this ability to lie without consequence allows for secrecy and deception, which follows his second virtue of “silence.”

The omission of “truth and honesty” brought me to Albert Pike who wrote Morals and Dogma later in the 1800’s on the virtues of being a Mason and what the responsibilities are. According to Pike, “Masonry [. . .] conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the truth [.] The Teachers, even of Christianity are [. . .] the most ignorant of the true meaning of that which they teach. There is no book of which so little is known as the Bible (Pike, 104,105).” If there is any doubt about dishonesty or withholding information by the Masons, there can be no doubt that this is also practiced outside the lodge and explains the reason for the distaste that John Adams felt for Benjamin Franklin.

President Kennedy and John Quincy Adams held a high degree of suspicion and objection for these Freemasonic Societies. President Kennedy once said during a speech in 1961, “The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and secret proceedings.” Franklin was steeped very deeply into secrecy and his autobiography hints of this when he discusses Junto and the laws within this society. Kennedy goes on to discuss subversion, which in Franklin’s autobiography, he admits to doing but not in those words. For example, Franklin wants to push a code or law to which most of the members of Junto are opposed. Rather than just vote on it, lose, and then concede that the idea of the law is terminated, Franklin sets it aside and uses a tactic over a couple of years known as predictive programming which “prepares the minds” of his society members until Franklin successfully pushes the law that he wants while successfully undermining everyone else’s desires. This strategy is subversive, manipulative, crafty, and deceptive that which plainly agrees with his virtues of order, silence, and sincerity. This is also nasty tactic used by the politicians of today. Simply put, nothing has changed.

John Quincy Adams was of the same mind as Kennedy when he stated “I do conscientiously and sincerely believe that the Order of Freemasonry, if not the greatest, is one of the greatest moral and political evils under which the Union is now laboring (171) […] a conspiracy of the few against the equal rights of the many (296) […] Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong – essentially wrong – a seed of evil, which can never produce any good (111).” It is conceivable that once learning about these societies and conversing with his father in matters regarding what goes on inside the lodges and that most of the presidents so far, including Franklin were among the members. The idea of leaders involved in secret societies within the government was enough to spur the abolishment of Freemasonry in America by John Q. Adams, which unfortunately, they never succeeded.

John Adams, for one, having worked extensively with Franklin numerous times over a twenty year period, did not trust Franklin. Robert Middlekauff, writing in Benjamin Franklin and His Enemies, notes that Adams “professed to feel only contempt for Franklin” (200). Though John Adams Sr. had written an essay  on Franklin’s achievements, it offered a forced and distant praise. It’s not a wonder; Benjamin Franklin has only proven to be a purveyor of deceit and dishonesty, which he practiced daily, according to his autobiography.

D.H. Lawrence saw him as ushering in the end of spiritual enlightenment and the embodiment of an ideal committing one’s soul to wealth: “The pattern American, this dry, moral, utilitarian little democrat, had done more to ruin the old Europe than any Russian nihilist. [. . .] Either we are materialistic instruments, like Benjamin, or we move in the gesture of creation, from our deepest self, usually unconscious.” (58).

While it may seem that I am being unduly harsh on Franklin, he is seen as one of the large figures of the enlightenment. However, like all mortals, the larger the figure, the more that figure conceals. In some ways, Franklin is an architect of the American republic, but he is also the “pied piper” whom the people of our country followed down a path that would lead to our becoming an economic empire, with money material objects being the desired goal. In that sense, he is a trader and a traitor to our highest ideals, especially when we consider what he really means by order, silence, and sincerity. Certainly, he is admired for his experiments with electricity, his political skills, and for his inventions, but as a man, any admiration of him must be tread with caution.

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Welcome to The Threshing Floor!


Hey everybody! Welcome to my blog. My site is dedicated to the truth and sharing with you all my discoveries. It is time that I begin writing what I have found along the way on this path after my eyes had opened some years ago. A lot of information learned was quite shocking, although, I must say after a while, I stopped being surprised and became just plain disgusted. But also along the way, I found beauty among that which is ugly. I want to share it all with you. I hope that you enjoy my site and that we can learn about this world together and share the truth that lies therein.


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