Hell Broke Luce Video~ Full Decode

In my Anthropology class our professor had the students  watch a video called Hell Broke Luce. The moment the video began to play, I knew right away that I needed to decode this little gem. This video is about a man named Jeff Lucey (you will see variations of this name throughout the presentation) who was in the Marines and sent to the Iraqi war and suffered severe trauma while over there. Not able to deal with the flashbacks and the trauma, he committed suicide by hanging himself. He received no support from his commanders in the Marines who used these men for their Agenda of war. 

Encoded in the video are events taking place against our Veterans who are very important and are an amazing part of our American culture. My presentation will demonstrate the ongoing abuses to our Veterans by United Nations and our government. Time is running out.


Hell Broke Luce~means that the Iraq War literally broke Luce.

Hell Broke Luce: JG 428; EG 774; SG 129

Iraqi dog tags: JG 428

Jeff Luce’s home represents the USA where it is located.

Jeff Lucey: SG: 93;

Home: JG: 93

USA: SG 93

The overturned piano represents the people Lucey had slain in Iraq and the Klonopin he took for the nightmares.

Piano– JG 160/16 EG: 330/33 SG: 55

Slain– JG: 160/16 EG: 330/33 SG: 55

Iraq–JG 160/16

Klonopin– SG 106/16


The vulture in this frame represents an “emergency” and also “Support our Troops.”

Vulture– SG: 119

119 is the mirror for 911.

One Vulture–JG 1400/14

Support our troops–JG 1400/14


The fire represents the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the death of Luce.

Luce– JG 228

Fire– EG 228

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder– EG 2208/228

Death–EG 228


This time the floating house represents the governments or the powers-that-be who have risen themselves above everything and everyone else. Their goal is to destroy America.

Floating house–EG 912; SG 152

Governments– EG 912; SG 152

Powers That Be–EG 912; SG 152

Destruction of America (mirrored)–SG 219


Pulling the house refers to Jeffery Michael Lucey and his eventual death. The Agenda is to strip our Veterans of their peace of mind, their health, and their benefits that they earned.

Pulling the House–JG 822; EG 1152; SG 192

Jeffery Michael Lucey–JG 1806/186; EG 1152; SG 192

Agenda–EG 192




Here we see a flaming pyramid exploding on the skeleton. The explosions represent the powers-that-be destroying our freedom, which our loss of it is represented by the skeleton.

Flaming pyramid–EG 888; SG 148

Explosions–EG 888; SG 148

Skeleton–EG 606/66

Freedom–SG 66



The firecrackers in the background represent the American General.

Firecrackers– JG 372

General–EG 372

The eagle represents the United States who participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom along with NATO.

United States–JG 744; EG 942; SG 157

Scud Missile–EG 744

Operation Iraqi Freedom–JG 744

Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out of Chaos)–JG 249 is the mirror of United States–EG 942

Thirteen Stars and Stripes refers to Jeffrey Michael Lucey.

Thirteen Stars and Stripes–EG 1086/186

Jeffrey Michael Lucey–JG 1806/186

Thirteen stripes refers to One Fallen Angel. Destruction of American Culture is the mirror of Thirteen Stripes.

Thirteen Stripes–EG 1230/123; SG 205/25

One Fallen Angel– SG 123

Destruction of American Culture– SG 321


Three Vultures refers to Revelation Chapter Eighteen, Novus Ordo Seclorum,  and Knights of Templar. The Knights of Templar medal is worn by the General. More on this later.

Three Vultures– JG 1742;  EG 1164; SG 194

Revelation Chapter Eighteen–EG 1164; SG 194

Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages)–JG 1742

Knights of Templar– EG 1164; SG 194


The house on water represents American Culture, meaning our culture is under attack.

House on Water–EG 984; SG 164

American Culture–EG 984; SG 164


Three sharks refer to Hell Broke Luce and the Suicide of Luce.

Three Sharks–JG 477; EG 792; SG 132

Hell Broke Luce–EG 477

Suicide of Luce– EG 792; SG 132


Corrupt General refers to Lack of Support. Decorated General is the mirror for Corrupt General. Note that this General is wearing the Knights Templar medal pinned to his left chest. He is a 33rd degree Freemason. 

Corrupt General– JG 731; EG 1038; SG 173

Lack of Support– EG 1038; SG 173

Decorated General–EG 822; SG 137  is the mirror for death– EG 228


The numbers and letters found on these body bags are coded. Let’s start on your left and work our way to the right and find out what they mean.

The number 609/69 means dead soldiers and operation in progress. The mirror for 609/69 is 906/96. 

Dead Soldiers– EG 690/69

Targeting America–EG 906/96

Operation in Progress– JG 906/96

The letters GDY is the mirror for Nightmares

GDY–EG 411

Nightmares–SG 114

The central figure’s numbers and letters are not only unique and need to be handled differently, this on is loaded with code. We have to think like the elite when handling these symbols. 377 is actually three 7’s or 777.

777 represents Order Out of Chaos and  American Culture.

Order Out of Chaos–JG 777

American Culture–JG 777

The letter H is the 8th letter in the alphabet. 8 is the number of completion and also means time/space. This would mean that Luce’s life has been completed.  Eight spelled out means America.

Eight–JG 129

America–JG 129

The last two numbers are 78 and they mean Hell on Earth, Nine-Five-One, Patriots, No Room for the soldier, and Thirteen Stars. 

Hell on Earth–EG 708/78

Nine Five One– EG 708/78

Patriots– EG 708/78

No Room for the Soldier–JG 807/87 (mirrored to Hell on Earth 78)

Thirteen Stars–JG 708/78

Now, since we know that H is represented by the number eight, I am going to write out the complete number after the dash–eight-seven-eight. This means to OPEN YOUR EYES and order out of chaos.

Eight-seven-eight–JG 1098/198

OPEN YOUR EYES–EG 1098/198;  SG 183

Order out of chaos–EG 1098/198;  SG 183

The numbers 951 on the third figure needs to be written out. Nine-five-one refers to NWO, United Nations, and Pale Horse. The pale horse is referenced in Revelation 6:8. Notice that the chapter and verse 6:8/ 68 references Luce’s house–(SG 68) which is located in the U.S. The Pyramid (86 mirrored to Revelation 6:8) is contrary to the US. More about the Pyramid later in the presentation.

Nine Five One– JG 909/99

NWO– JG 990/99

United Nations– EG 990/99 The United Nations and the NWO  are CONTRARY to our possession of FREEDOM–SG 66 as noted by the inversion of the numbers.

Pale Horse– SG 99 This is our demise. 


Also, on the third figure the letter after the numbers is a K. So we have a nine-five-one-k, which means Hell Broke Luce.

Nine-Five-One-K–JG 919; EG 774; SG 129

Hell Broke Luce–EG 774; SG 129



In this scene, the taps are played off key. Taps off key means scud missile, Operation Iraqi Freedom, United States.

Taps off Key–JG 728, EG 744, SG 124

Scud missile–EG 744, SG 124

Operation Iraqi Freedom–JG 744

United States–JG 744


House on the Jetty Edge and Glass Bottle are mirrors of each other and represent the Suicide of Luce.

House on the Jetty Edge– SG 231

Glass bottle– EG 792; SG 132

Suicide of Luce–EG 792; SG 132


This scene depicts multiple houses parachuted in. Multiple houses parachuted in means war (mirrored), A New Order of the Ages, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Multiple houses parachuted in–JG 1398; EG 1890/189; SG 315

War–JG 981

A New Order of the Ages–SG 189

Operation Iraqi Freedom–JG 1398


Skeletons mean Decorated General, Luce, Home, and the USA. We have THREE skeletons. Three means Order out of chaos, and Knights Templar. 

Skeletons–JG 410/41; EG 720; SG 120

Decorated General–JG 410/41

Luce–SG 41

Home–SG 41


Three–JG 198, SG 56

Order out of Chaos–EG 1098/198

Knights Templar–JG 560/56


We see an “Eye in the black sun in the sky” which means Marine Reserves and “Eye in the black sun”  means to Kill All American Soldiers. No doubt the powers that be are still working on this operation still in progress. 

Eye in the black sun in the sky–JG 1600/16; EG 1710/171; SG 285

Marine Reserves–SG 171

Eye in the black sun–EG 1044/144

Kill all American Soldiers–EG 144


In the beginning of my presentation, I established that the home represents the USA or America. So the black sun over America means Lance Corporal, which was probably Luce’s rank in the military. Black sun over USA also means Nightmares. Our Veterans suffer nightmares from what they did at war. 

Black Sun Over America–JG 1330/133

Lance Corporal–SG 133

Black Sun Over USA– EG 1104/114

Nightmares–SG 114


You will notice that in the video the vultures are “targeting” man. “Vultures targeting man” is mirrored and means “No room for the patriot”  and “Operation in Progress.” We know that this is true because of the treatment given to the Patriot when he comes home from active duty. And this is an operation currently in progress against our Vets.

Vultures targeting man–JG 1815; EG 1602/162

Operation in Progress–EG 1518

No Room for the Patriot–SG 261


Here we see a Vulture on the rope. “Vulture on the rope” means Lack of support, Corrupt General, Burdened by the USA. You’re wondering who is burdened by the USA? The answer will come just a little later.

Vulture on the rope–JG 1703/173; EG 1410/141

Lack of support–SG 141

Corrupt General–JG 731; SG 173

Burdened by the USA–SG 141


In this screen shot we see the graves next to the house. Graves next to the house means Destruction of American Culture, No Room for the Soldier, and Novus Ordo Seclorum. This is where Gematria becomes more complicated because the numbers are reversed and inverted. Because the themes have already been introduced into my presentation, I made the decision to add these in. You’ll also notice that 1944 is a year represented when the seeds for the creation of the United Nations are planted in Washington DC.

Graves next to the house–JG 1944; EG 1626

Destruction of American Culture–JG 1494 (simply reverse the order of the first 4 and the 9 and then you get 1944); EG 1926 (invert the first 9 to a 6 /1626)

Novus Ordo Seclorum–EG 1494 (same as above)

No Room for the Soldier– 1464 (simply invert the 6 to a 9 and move it after the 1, 1944)


What you are looking at here is the top view of a four sided pyramid. You only have to pull a dollar bill out and look to see who is behind the “agenda.” Pyramid means house, United Nations, Scottish Rite, Thirteen stars, and The Eye. This is a clear indication as to who is responsible for the war and destruction of our soldiers.

Pyramid– JG 584; EG 516; SG 86

Scottish Rite–SG 165 (simply place the 5 in front of the 16=516)

The Eye–SG 68 (mirrored)

United Nations–SG 165 (simply place the 5 in front of the 16=516)

Thirteen stars EG 1056/156 (simply reverse the order of the 1 and the 5= 516)

luce21 In this screen shot we see a blown off arm which blatantly tells us that the “United Nations are responsible for destruction.” The flowers tie this theme together. Red flowers mean, Taps off key, shark, floating home, scud missile, and body bags, items that you have seen in this video. If you need to, go back and see what they represent. 

Red Flowers– JG 1240/124; EG 750/75; SG 125

Taps off key–SG 124

Shark–SG 57 (mirrored)

Floating Home–EG 750/75; SG 125

Scud Missile–SG 124

Body bags–EG 750/75

“United Nations are responsible for destruction” means Destruction of American Culture, Dragging Home (seen throughout the video) Burdened by the USA, and Generals. You are probably wondering why the United Nations would be burdened by the USA. The answer is simple. We are the only nation left with the right to bear arms. Once that right has been fully eliminated, the government will gain full control of our country and we will lose our freedoms. Now you can imagine why disarming Americans have been an immediate priority through many “incidences” involving firearms and pushing laws to further degrade legal ownership. I digress. 1956 was a major year when the first incident of UN action occurred involving the Suez canal in Israel. Google it to find out.

United Nations are responsible for destruction–JG 1956; EG 2916; SG: 486

Destruction of American Culture– EG 1926 (Reverse the 9 and the 1 to make 91 and then place the 2 in front of the 9 which = 2916)

Dragging Home–EG 648 (simply move the 6 to the back 648/486)

Burdened by the USA– EG 846 (reverse the order of the 4 and the 8)

Generals–EG 486


In this final scene we see the houses squished together when the soldier arrives from his tour of duty. This is depicting NO ROOM FOR THE SOLDIER in the United States!

NO ROOM FOR THE SOLDIER is the mandate of Novus Ordo Seclorum (New order of the Ages) which results in the Destruction of American Culture and its Veterans. Without our Veterans, we cannot possibly fight against the government who is working with the United Nations to disarm America. This video is telling us what’s happening. 

Keep on the Armor of God, Yeshua is coming soon. Please share.

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