Frasier Sings all about Pizzagate

Many of us have watched the Frasier sitcom and enjoyed the bouncy tune about tossed salads and scrambled eggs at the end of each show. Whatever the false interpretation they would have us believe, it got me thinking very hard about the Frasier lyrics especially after Pizzagate broke over the internet. But what spurred me into an investigation into this sitcom was the Season 7 Episode 5  called The Dog That Rocks the Cradle that aired October 21, 1999. By the time I got done finding all of the gematria words associated with the Frasier Lyrics and sitcom, I was emotionally spent. 

For those of you new to Gematria, it is a number/letter system that the elites use to communicate with each other. They train their children, acolytes, specific MK Ultra slaves, and others to use it, yet this information is never taught to people such as you and me. We have to find out about it through others who have knowledge about the system and are willingly share how it works. I will give you the meanings of the words and phrases in the lyrics and pair them with words and phrases found in Gematria. You’ll notice that some of the numbers will be mirrored. This means that the numbers were found in reverse order in certain words that match. As with anything else, by mirroring, they are turning everything backwards and upside down. They hide their activities, no matter how heinous, in plain sight. It is up to us to be curious as to what these symbols, numbers, and letters mean. You’ll also note that I eliminated the zeros as they have no value in Gematria, for instance if the number was 102, I simply dropped the 0 and made the number 12. 

This particular episode is about a character named “Bulldog” who lost his job at Frasier’s studio and was forced to take a job at a pizza joint. “Roz” needs a “babysitter” for her daughter “Alice” and asks Bulldog to babysit. Below is a comprehensive gematrial study of Frasier and its lyrics.


The Dog that Rocks the Cradle –The Dog that Rocks the Cradle: JG 842; EG 1500/15, 250; Killroom: EG 105/15, Little Red Fox: SG 150. Killroom has appeared several times in the lyrics from the Frasier Tune and I put more information down below in my article. Little Red Fox is a business located near Besta Pizza, Big Bucks Fishing Company, and Comet Ping Pong. 

Bulldog babysits AliceBulldog Babysits Alice:1035/135; James Alefantes: SG 135

Baby Dressed in Purple – Baby Dressed in Purple: JG 1157; EG 1290; SG 215, Alice dressed in purple: JG 790; EG 1290; SG 215, Behind the Purple Door: JG 790; EG 1290; SG 215. I was shocked by the last entry. Truthiracy3 had made a video called ChuckYCheese’s Behind the Purple Door of Pizzagate Pedophiles which explains the “purple door.” You need to see this video. 

I had also taken the liberty to gematria a few of the cast’s lines from this specific episode.

Roz: Never had to worry about Alice-  Never had to worry about Alice: EG 1800/18, SG 300/3, Child predators call: 1080/18; 180/18, Alice: EG 180/18; mapEG 180/18; babyEG 180/18

Bulldog: We fed the ducks: We fed the Ducks: JG: 1340; EG 804; SG 134, Comet PizzaEG 804; SG 134, child traffickingEG 804; SG 134, strange fleshEG 804; SG 134

Roz: How did you get her to eat those? – How did you get her to eat those: EG 189, Child pornography; SG 189

In the ending of this specific show, notice that there are three different colored balloons floating up from behind the buildings. Frasier is colored in yellow.


Red, yellow, and blue helium balloonsred, yellow, and blue helium balloons: EG 2016; SG 336,  Molech: EG 336, April: EG 336, Semen: EG 336, Code Black: EG 336, Planned: EG 336, Cannibal: EG 336This particular phrase was shocking for me. First EG 2016 gives the year 2016 which is exactly when Pizzagate hit the headlines. They sacrifice to Molech each time they abuse and murder a child. In the month of April around the 25th, a holiday called Alice Day  is celebrated by pedophiles every year. They wear pink so be mindful about who is wearing that color that day and don’t call attention to your child by having her wear that color. Semen, self explanatory. Code Black is for the handkerchief color map which means S&M.  

Three balloonsThree balloons: JG 471; EG 876; SG 146, Pizza Planet: EG 876; SG 146 Pizza Planet is a pizza shop found in Disney Movies.

Yellow Frasier- Yellow Frasier: EG 1008/18, SG 168,  Alice: EG 180/18, MapEG 180/18, BabyEG 180/18, child predators call: EG 1080/18; SG 180/18, 

As I was navigating through the cryptic passages of phrases containing dubious meaning, I found myself shocked and disgusted by the truth. The theme tune unveiled what I was shown above–Frasier is all about Comet Pizza. So as we are humming to a tune with some catchy lyrics, those in control are laughing while holding their own perverted conversations right before us in plain sight. 

Frasier Theme:

Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’,
Tossed salads and scrambled eggs
Oh My
Mercy (alt: Quite stylish.)
And maybe I seem a bit confused,
Yeah maybe, but I got you pegged!
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!
But I don’t know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.
They’re callin’ again.
(The following are alternate endings)
They’re callin’ again.
Good night, Seattle, we love you.
What is a boy to do. Good night.
Frasier has left the building.
Thank You!
Scrambled eggs all over my face. What is a boy to do. Goodnight, everybody.
See you next year, we love ya.

 Hey –Hey: (SG) 38 = Alice: (JG) 38,  Alice Liddel: JG 100/1; = Girl love: SG 100/1. is a mirror of “Alice” in the next  below.  Alice is in reference to the character in Alice in Wonderland and also MK Ultra programming.  Alice Liddel is the name of the little girl with whom the author Lewis Carrol became enamored, and so,  he wrote her as his main character into his story. Pedophilia is associated to Carrol who had a thing for 4 year old Alice Liddel. “Girl love” is a code word to describe the preference for little girls. 

Baby-Baby: EG 180/18; SG:30 = Alice: EG 180/18; SG 30 = Map: EG 180/18; SG 30 = Pie: EG 180/18; SG 30, Lewis Carrol English Gematria (EG)810/81 is mirrored to all of these words in this list. These pedophilia code words “map and pie” were found in the Gematria. At first I thought that it was a coincidence but my feelings began to change as I continued the analysis. The word “map” refers to the handkerchief of certain colors that pertain to the type of sexual torture done to the child. Map also means semen in pedo code. Pie (as in pizza pie) reminds us of Pizza which means  “girl” in pedo speak. The number 18 is prolific here. Further study reveals this next phrase within the Gematria database. Child predators call: EG 1080/18; SG 180/18.

Hey Baby- Hey baby: EG 408/48,  (SG) 68 = Gay: JG 408/48;   Planet EG 408/48;  SG 68, Sex: SG 48,  Bondage: SG 48. Comet Pizza 804/84 is the mirror of Hey baby EG 408/48. The word gay is the synonym for homosexual. What do you think of when you now see the word planet? Pizza Planet or Comet Pizza, both which are found in many Disney movies. In the pedophile handkerchief code, the color grey stands for bondage. 


I hear- I hear: JG 103/13EG 246, SG: 41; Oz: EG 246, SG: 41, Carisoprodol: SG 130/13, Hustler SG 103/13. I was not surprised to see Oz show up since handlers use The Wizard of Oz as part of their MK Ultra Programming. Children, especially young ones, are usually under control using this and the Alice in Wonderland theme. Using drugs on their victims is probably to control their victim. A video by Martin Leeds gave me the answer I needed about the hashtag Carisjames. It turns out that a researcher discovered that the alias was not a who but a what, namely the drug Carisoprodol, which is considered to be a rape drug. I can only imagine how many children they’ve used it on. Children and young teens are “hustled” or prostituted to clients coming into Comet Ping Pong. Ping Pong, I soon discovered, stands for girl and boy. . . Ping/girl and Pong/boy. 

 I hear the blues a-callin’- I hear the blues a-callin’:= EG 1110/111, Mentally disturbed: JG 1110/111. Drag Queens: EG 666, SG 111; Sick people: EG 666, SG 111, ejaculation: EG 666, SG 111, Demon Inside: EG 666; SG 111, Pizza Gate: EG 666; SG 111. Mentally disturbed is hardly what I call what these people do to the children. It is psychopathic and I definitely agree with the “demonic” and “sick people” references the gematria had picked up. As part of the programming, it is known that “spirits” or demons are placed within the the host during the torture. When continuing your own analysis of Pizzagate, you’ll discover that drag queens, trannys, and homosexuals make up some of the clientèle and adult entertainment at Comet Ping Pong.   

Tossed SaladsTossed SaladsEG 828; SG 138,  David Hyde Pierce: EG 828; SG 138, Homo: JG 138. I found it particularly interesting that David Hyde Pierce would show up in the gematria. He is an actor who plays Frasier’s brother on the show, and came “out of the closet” so to speak. 

AndAnd JG 45; EG 114;  SG 19; Teddy Bear: 504/54 is the mirror to “and” JG 45, child sacrifice: SG 109/19, cheese: SG 45, underage: EG 450/45. I was genuinely surprised to see so many words associated to child abuse with this little word. Teddy bears are associated with the pedo bear seen with Miley Cyrus. “Child sacrifice” is no surprise since many 


children are sacrificed to Molech by their own parents. The children traumatized and/or murdered at Comet Ping Pong are no doubt underage, as seen by the photos in this twitter account. The word cheese means a very young girl while pasta means a young boy. 

Scrambled eggs- Scrambled eggs: EG 690/69; SG 115, Child murder: EG 690/69; SG 115 Hotdog: SG 69. Scrambled eggs is generally known as semen. Child murder, no need to go further. Hotdog is referenced to boys.  

Tossed salads and scrambled eggs-Tossed salads and scrambled eggs: EG 1632; SG 272, feed humans leftover children: EG1632; SG 272. According to the urban dictionary, Tossed salads and scrambled eggs are in reference to sexual acts rather than troubled people sitting down to speak to a psychiatrist. 

Oh my- Oh my: JG 488; EG 366; SG 61, the mirror of “Oh my” is the word Prostitutes: JG 884. Snuff film: SG 106/16 is also the mirror for “oh my”  SG 61. According to reports that I had read on Pizzagate, children are habitually prostituted to the clientèle. Having seen images of the killroom, “snuff film” showing up in the code was no stretch to my imagination. This still plainly shows an excellent camera view of satanic activities quite possibly occurring. No way to escape the lens.


(or) Quite StylishQuite Stylish; JG 1101/111; Pizzagate: SG 111. The second time Pizzagate shows up in the numbers. 

Mercy-Mercy Nothing here simply because there is no mercy.

And maybe-And maybe JG 483; EG 390/39; SG 65, orgy: EG 390/39; SG 65, Traffickers: JG 390/39. They have to get their children from somewhere. Every year, over 800,000 children disappear. What do you want to bet many children are trafficked to Comet Pizza? And orgies? Well.

I seem a bit confusedI seem a bit confused: EG 1020/12; SG 170/17, Disneyland: SG 107/17, Child erotica: SG 107/17, child sex predators: EG 1200/12, Human flesh: SG 107/17, Semen: JG 170/17, Planned; JG 170/17, Child snuff: SG 102/12, Pizza: JG 1070/17. Disneyland is known for entertaining children, but it is also known by researchers and victims for its underground tunnels and MK Ultra programming. There are reasons why the clocks are never on time and why the rides are inappropriate for some children’s ages. According to Cathy O’Brien, she was taken to Disneyland for programming and torture. It is quite interesting that the word Planned showed up in the Gematria. Why? Because Comet Ping Pong did not officially open its doors until 2006. I and other researchers know that there are always groups of entities “planning” the future. Why wouldn’t this be a part of it, too? Gradually decreasing our right to free speech has been part of the agenda all along with gun control. We are, after all, the last country able to defend ourselves with firearms against the creeps who wish to destroy what freedoms we possess. 

Yeah maybe-Yeah maybe: JG: 852; EG 510/51; SG: 85, Homo: JG 51, Innocent blood: EG 852, Pedo bears: EG 510/51; SG 85, Father daughter incest: JG 852Violence EG 510/51; SG 85, Suffering: SG 105/15 is the mirror for “yeah maybe.” Little Red Fox: SG 150/15, Yeah maybe, but I got you pegged: JG 2058/258 is the mirror for “Yeah maybe” JG 852. The Little Red Fox is another business that is next door to Comet Pizza. Speculations have arisen about tunnels running underneath these stores to accommodate the flow of child trafficking from one place to another. 

but I got you pegged! But I got you peggedEG 1194; SG 199, Luciferians are calling EG 1194; SG 199. It is abundantly clear that something evil has the run of the world’s governments and those who go along with it, much to the detriment to their souls. It has taken over the worlds governments and has raped and pillaged the children.  Pedophilia and child sacrifice is so widespread that it boggles my mind that few notice or want acknowledge this truth. 

Pegged-PeggedJG 88; EG 264; SG 44, Two faced EG 462 is the mirror for “Pegged” EG 264, Purple: SG 88,  child pornography: JG 880/88, Kill: EG 264SG 44, An Orgasm: SG 88. The color purple has several meanings of which I will only name a few: A) Royalty, B) to be homosexual, and C) it is a pedophile code for piercing. I hate to speculate what type of piercing they are alluding to, which I’m sure is quite painful.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha-Ha, Ha, Ha, HaJG 36; EG 216; SG 36, Bleed; JG 36, Child; SG 36, Alice Day; EG 360/36, Queer: JG 360/36, killroomSG 63 is the mirror of “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha” JG 36; SG 36. The idea that I’m dealing with laughter in this decode is unnerving, especially when I see the words the Gematria has produced. Bleed, child, and queer are self explanatory but Alice Day needs highlighting. In the month of April, usually around the 25th, a pedophile holiday, Alice Day, is celebrated. Although most people are naive to think that Alice Day is just a festive time to celebrate Alice in Wonderland, it is actually a time when the pedos are out scoping children. Pink is usually worn by the perpetrator. 

But – But: JG: 302/32; EG 258; SG 43Yeah maybe but I got you pegged: JG 2058/258, Shadow Government: SG 203/23 is the mirror of the word “but” JG: 302/32, MoanSG 43, Scat: EG 258; SG 43, S&M: SG 32, Pig: SG 32. You may be wondering why Pig showed up within this list. Human Bodies can be successfully fed to pigs which can digest every part of a human’s body. Although the article in the link says that this is a “truth in television” idea, someone has actually done it and I’m sure it is an underground practice still ongoing. This has put me off pork forever. I added shadow government since it is my of my opinion 


that these powers-who-think-they-be practice pedophilia as well as satanic rituals. Moan is self explanatory, whether from pain or pleasure. The color brown on the “handkerchief” is code for scat, or feces that is. 

I don’t know what to do – I don’t know what to do JG 2416; EG 1386; SG 231, Fluffer nutter:  EG 1032/132 is the mirror for “I don’t know what to do” SG 231. In this case, a fluffer nutter is not that sandwich you might be thinking about. Instead, according to the urban dictionary, a fluffer nutter is a person designated to keep the porn star erect but has prematurely initiated an ejaculation.   

With those –With those: EG 762, Another one bites the dust: SG 267 is a mirror of  “with those” EG 762I found a connection to another sitcom Everybody loves Raymond, which I am currently in the middle of decoding. 

tossed salads and scrambled eggs – Tossed salads and scrambled eggs: EG 1632; SG 272, feed humans leftover children: EG 1632; SG 272, Alefantis: JG 272. This made me sick only because of the reports regarding human tissue found in our food and the likelihood that pigs are actually being fed people if these psychopathic nuts can’t get rid of the bodies fast enough. Pizza ovens have been known to get hot enough to burn bone but there is nothing stopping them from serving us human meat.  

They’re – They’re JG 598; EG 486; SG 81, James Alefantis: EG 810/81, Playing Dominos: JG 810/81. James Alefantis is the owner of Comet Pizza. Playing dominos was an immense surprise. I remembered an e-mail I had read pertaining to pizza and I put into the calculator. Sure enough, not only did it match Alefantis’s name, it solidified the true intent of the sitcom’s lyrics.Click the dominos link and it will take you directly to the Podesta e-mail regarding playing dominos.

Callin’ again. Callin’ again JG 151, I pet goat two: SG 151. In this scene of the Heliophant


video called “I Pet Goat Two,” we see this character with a pedophile heart on his chest. Not only that, the shapes under the heart resemble buttocks. I had not expected I Pet Goat Two to appear in Gematria. 

By the time I got this far, I started asking myself, why so many different endings?  Were they transmitting to each other what they (the powers-who-think-they-be) were going to do on a specific date and place?

The following are alternate endings; the result just go on and on and on:

Good night, Seattle – Goodnight Seattle: JG 596;  EG 1086/186; SG 181, Killroom is ready SG 186, Sex with children: EG 1086/186, SG 181, Ping Pong in Berlin: EG 1086/186, SG 181 Ping Pong in Berlin actually does exist, as it does in London. 

We love you – we love you: JG 2330, EG 858; SG 143,  Infant MurderEG 858; SG 143Killroom is readyJG 858, 

What is a boy to do –  What is a boy to doJG 1765, EG 1062/162; SG 177Deadly Abuse Of Children Before God: EG 1620/162, children disappear: SG 162, Pizzagate planned,  EG 1062/162, SG 177.

Good night – Good night: SG 99, Child sex predators: JG 909/99

Frasier – Frasier: JG271, EG 456; SG 76, Child rapeEG 456; SG 76, Anal sex: EG 456; SG 76, DisneyEG 456; SG 76, VictimEG 456; SG 76, Alice LiddelEG 456; SG 76

Has Left The Building – Has Left The Building: JG 634; EG 1092/192; SG 182,  ProstitutesEG 1092/192; SG 182,

Thank You – Thank you: EG 690; SG 115, Child murderEG 690; SG 115,

Scrambled eggs-Scrambled eggs- Scrambled eggs: EG 690/69; SG 115, Child murder: EG 690/69; SG 115 Hotdog: SG 69 Hotdog is little boy in pedo code.

All Over My Face – all over my face: EG 828; SG 138, Ping Pong Table: EG 828; SG 138. The ping pong table is a tool used in MK Ultra programming.

What is a boy to do. Goodnight (these two have already been done)

Everybody – Everybody: EG 726; SG 121Blood SacrificeEG 726; SG 121

See You – See You: JG 750/75; EG 540; SG 90, Rape drugEG 540; SG 90, Underage: SG 75, slave trader: EG 750/75, Chicken lover: EG 750/75

Next Year – Next Year: JG 931; EG 672; SG 112, WickedJG 931, Wickedness: EG 672; SG 112

We love ya – We love yaSG 108/18,  Alice: EG 180/18, MapEG 180/18, BabyEG 180/18, child predators call: EG 1080/18; SG 180/18


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