Transgender Samaire Armstrong in It’s a Boy Girl Thing

A few days ago after finishing a grueling day, I decided to watch a mindless movie called It’s a Boy Girl Thing. Though I had already picked up on the connotation from the title, I tried to let it go and not be so critical. However, by the time the movie was winding down, I realized that there was no way I couldn’t NOT see what the movie industry is feeding our children. What is terribly upsetting to me is that the movie industry is purposely destroying the feminine egos of young girls and older teens by portraying transgendered “females” with bodies that simply do not exist on real women. Real females have hips for child bearing, real females are not heavily muscled, real girls and women have smaller and softer facial attributes than males who often have more angular and heavier features.

Let’s begin with the title,  It’s a Boy Girl Thing.  While this is a just another movie about switching roles, gender-bending is the main theme this time.  It is doubtful that the young audience has a clue or enough experience to realize that they are actually being indoctrinated into accepting this perverse trend that is unfortunately taking hold.

What really caught my attention was when the actress Samaire Armstrong showed up toward the end of the movie wearing a dress that immediately told me that this was obviously a transgendered person. The dress was ill-fitting; the actress did not fill out the hip portion of the dress, which made it look strange on the actor. Not only that, her unusually heavily muscled arms are uncharacteristic for a young woman, unless she’s a body builder.


I discovered through research that she is not a body builder at all but is a model/actress. We all know that the professional photographers prefer their models to be underweight waifs. These muscles are quite telling to me as to what gender Samaire truly is. The following photo shows the back of the actress, whose profile is completely unfeminine in the dress. Her back is uncharacteristically wide for a woman and the arm muscles are incredibly large. There are no feminine curves that I can see in the bottom shot. 


I took a screen shot of this actress showing heavily muscled legs not seen on women. I have only see this type of musculature on men only. 


I found photos of Samaire modeling that are quite telling, indeed. In the next photos below, we see that she is sporting a six pack, is virtually breastless, and lacks any feminine curves. The male indent just below the hipbone is visible in both photos.

Actress Samaire Armstrongtranny1

I did find photos of her pregnant but I highly doubt that this tranny was ever pregnant at all. People with money can easily find maternity prosthetics found at places like moonbump who specially design these fake bellies for movie sets and professional photography. I want to point out that she looks especially thick under the breasts, quite possibly where the prosthetic begins. When women gain pregnancy weight, they gain it everywhere; it is not localized to just one spot.  I also find it ironic that she is standing in front of a wall that says “The Men.”


 This movie was quite disturbing as there are many other strange details present not related to gender bending. It is quite maddening to think that our children are being subjected to this deception and have little guidance in how to recognize it for what it is. In my opinion, I would say that most of the actors and actresses in the movie are all transgendered.  I hope that many parents will see this, research it, and educate their children on the agenda to meld humanity into androgynous beings. 




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One Response to Transgender Samaire Armstrong in It’s a Boy Girl Thing

  1. bruandadi says:

    Thank you for writing this article and expressing concerns of an audience that rejects this transgender agenda and YES…. we notice! we are not stupid, we parents are aware of this film making industry ideological imposition.

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