Frasier Sings all about Pizzagate

As often as I’d heard the Frasier lyrics after the end of each show, I knew that there was a sexual innuendo by the choice of words used in the song. After studying the Frasier tune, every line in song is all about Pizzagate and pedophilia. Links are added in the article for more information regarding the discovery.

The Threshing Floor

Many of us have watched the Frasier sitcom and enjoyed the bouncy tune about tossed salads and scrambled eggs at the end of each show. Whatever the false interpretation they would have us believe, it got me thinking very hard about the Frasier lyrics especially after Pizzagate broke over the internet. But what spurred me into an investigation into this sitcom was the Season 7 Episode 5  calledThe Dog That Rocks the Cradle that aired October 21, 1999. By the time I got done finding all of the gematria words associated with the Frasier Lyrics and sitcom, I was emotionally spent. 

For those of you new to Gematria, it is a number/letter system that the elites use to communicate with each other. They train their children, acolytes, specific MK Ultra slaves, and others to use it, yet this information is never taught to people such as you…

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