Welcome to The Threshing Floor!


Hey everybody! Welcome to my blog. My site is dedicated to the truth and sharing with you all my discoveries. It is time that I begin writing what I have found along the way on this path after my eyes had opened some years ago. A lot of information learned was quite shocking, although, I must say after a while, I stopped being surprised and became just plain disgusted. But also along the way, I found beauty among that which is ugly. I want to share it all with you. I hope that you enjoy my site and that we can learn about this world together and share the truth that lies therein.


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13 Responses to Welcome to The Threshing Floor!

  1. Lon Virgillo says:

    Hello Christina, Nice you started a blog; I look forward to following you on it. Hope all is well with you. Peace & Love, from Oregon

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  2. Tiwas Ansuz says:

    The Anglo American Empire …. we have been called . . The question your quote poses — will they be remembered as hero or traitor and both be the answer of course for no division ever went away in fracturing time lines at key pivot points

    I like the title …. the quotes from begining to end show a tale of past lives and interest flows for only a tiny bit of the world for a short time ever read anything of DH Lawrence I am pretty sure of it

    The sources like a scholarly work the period of about the same — Its like I have been in part talking to you ….


  3. Okay I’m next I’m so glad I found this I don’t check G+ too often okay I have a topic why is it so hard to find like-minded people and are physical environment and what level of personal responsibility or should we take to share a message I’ve often heard the one if they don’t know by now they might not be meant to sometimes it feels like I’m learning to swim between two oceans I’m looking forward to your blog be well Bless up all research and love no fear


  4. Good morning Christina I just realize my name wasn’t present on my response it’s Mike alphin as I said I’m so glad I found this can’t wait to be part of the discussion see you soon

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  5. Lon Virgillo says:

    Hello, Hope all is well with you
    Peace & Love, from Oregon

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  6. Hello Christina I know what you mean I understand the meaning of Wheat and tares now they look walk and talk just like us but they are not like us well I hope all is well with you just stopped in to say hello I’m still quite isolated and my physical reality stop by and check my channel out bye for now


    • Hi there. I will be posting my next blog here probably in the next half hour on the video I was thrashed for in my class. I hope you’ll catch it. I hope you will feel better and that your physical therapy is successful. It’s wonderful to be in the company of wheat. 🙂


  7. Lon Virgillo says:

    Hello Christina, Happy First of March. Been a little busy, but check in when I can. Hope all is well with you & your Family. Peace & Love


    • Christina says:

      Howdy, Lon. I just put up a video regarding the murals found at my college. It is predicting that this month just might be a dilly. Make sure you’re prepared. I hope your family is doing well. Peace and Love back at you. 🙂


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